Welcome to Tooele County's online property appeals site.

Please use this application to submit an appeal for 2021 property valuation. Appeals will be accepted regarding the market value of your property only. Appeals will not be accepted regarding the tax dollar amount. The value placed on the property is the market value as of January 01, 2021.

In order to expedite your appeal, please submit this information no later than August 31, 2021.

No appeals will be accepted after 5:00 PM MST, September 15, 2021.

The appeals information will be reviewed and processed in the order they are received. Upon receipt and review of your appeal information an appraiser from the Assessor's Office will contact you for further clarification, stipulations, and if necessary, make an appointment with a hearing officer at the Board of Equalization.

You will need the following information to submit an appeal online:

  1. A name, address, and phone number where you can be reached
    This must be your current and primary information.
  2. A copy of the disclosure notice sent to you
    If you do not have a copy of your disclosure notice, please call 435-843-3312 before continuing.
  3. The complete parcel number of the property you are appealing
    This information is located in bold on the upper left-hand corner of your disclosure notice.
  4. Your estimated opinion of value of the property and how your arrived at that value
    You will need to submit evidence to support your estimated opinion of the property value which must include at least one of the four following criteria:
    1. At least three comparable properties similar to your home that have sold within the year of 2020. This information is usually available through local real estate agents.
    2. Purchase of the property within the year of 2020. Submit a copy of the closing and/or settlement statement.
    Please Note: "Short Sales", "Bank-Owned", and/or "Foreclosure" sales are not necessarily indicative of a fair market sale but will be considered. These sales must be supported by a valid appraisal report that banks require for such sales.
    3. An appraisal done on the property with an effective appraisal date within the year of 2020.
    4. A written statement of what you consider a factual error on the property. You may review your property card in the Assessor's Office during regular business hours. This information is not available by phone.

Please Note: If you do not wish to submit your appeal electronically, you may download the instructions and the application form.

Click here to download the instructions.     Click here to download the application.